Training & Presentations 


Unbound Waco provides free training and presentations to school-aged youth, school staff, medical professionals, law enforcement, church congregations, and a variety of other groups in the community. Our trainings and presentations cover the basics of human trafficking, trafficking vulnerabilities, signs to look for, and how each of us can play a part to end it. Each training is tailored to its audience.

Prevention and Awareness

School and Youth Prevention

Children in our Texas communities are being groomed and victimized by perpetrators of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Our best chance to keep youth safe from sex trafficking is to equip them, their caretakers and the educational professionals in their schools to recognize the signs for prevention and early intervention. Unbound Waco is funded by the Office of the Governor to provide prevention education to students, at-risk youth, school personnel and parents/caregivers in our community.

  • School Assembly Presentations

  • School Personnel Training

  • Parent/Caregiving Training

  • Prevention Small Groups

Community Groups

A community that is educated about human trafficking is better equipped to prevent it from happening and intervene when it does. We’re committed to providing an opportunity for everyone in our community to learn about the risks of human trafficking and how we can work together to end it here.

  • Church Presentations

  • Civic Organizations

  • Table Events

Professional Training

Did you know you have potential to encounter victims of trafficking in your workplace? Contrary to popular images, victims of trafficking are rarely locked away in a room or chained to a door. Victims are bound by emotional and mental bonds and through addiction. This physical mobility means that they are interacting with the world while their victimization and abuse goes undetected. We want every man, woman and child experiencing trafficking to have the chance to be seen and offered help. This is where you come in.

Unbound equips professionals to identify and respond to human trafficking within their workplaces.

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • School Personnel

  • Law Enforcement